Monday, February 20, 2017

Weeks 2 and 3, Transfer 2

Monday 6/2 -

Today, we spent most of the day at the internet café downloading church movies from YouTube like the best two years and the work and the glory. 

Tuesday - Friday

Nothing really interesting.

Saturday 11/2 -

Today we held the interview for a 10 yr old girl named Flavia.  Her parents are members but are less active.  I have been working hard with them to reactivate them and hopefully the baptism of their daughter will help.  They came to church last week and the week before.  We had lunch with the Costas which was super good as always.  The baptism service started at 5:30 and went well. She was baptized by her uncle. I told the father that the best thing he can do now is be a good example to his daughter and continue going to church. 

Sunday 12/2 -

Today, João Victor almost didn´t go to church because he was partying all night last night.  He was confirmed today with Flavia.  I am happy to see the many blessings from the Lord.

Monday 13/2 -

Today I tried to resolve a problem I had with a package that was sent to me and didn't get that far.  We had to go to Alecrim which is a burrow of Natal across the river in Zona Sul.  While there I decided to buy an official futebol A.B.C. team shirt. ABC is the team from Natal.  We spent the rest of the day at home. 

Tuesday 14/2 -

Today we had to wake up at 3:30 for zone conference.  We took a bus to a chapel in Zona Sul.  The conference was really good and we had some good food and I got to meet a bunch of friends.  We got home at 6 and went straight to bed and didn´t wake up until the next morning. 

Wednesday 15/2 -

Today we went to Carrefour (kinda like Walmart) and got our allowance from the church and I bought some food.  I also bought food to make tacos Mexican style to make for my companion and I.

Friday 17/2 -

Today I got my garments that I ordered in the mail a couple weeks ago.  The nylon mesh and the silk type are awful here. I bout a 50/50 cotton/poly mix garments that they don’t have in the states. Super comfortable.  For dinner, I made the tacos.  I cooked up some ground beef and seasoned it with I'm not sure what because the spice names are different here.  I mixed in some pinto beans and hot sauce. it smelled really good but tasted way to salty.  The beans I bought had a ton of salt that i didn't know about.  I decided to level it out with some sugar and it turned out really, really good.  My mom used to make taco meat with ground beef and baked beans, what I made tasted just like that.  I made a simple salsa with tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and lime juice. topped the tacos with cheese and lettuce.  They were really good, and it was my companions first time trying it.

I invited some elders over to my place today for lunch to make tacos again, one of them is Mexican, so I hope he approves.

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