Monday, April 17, 2017

Transfer 3, Week 5

Tuesday 11/4 -

Today, we met with the Zone Leader, Elder Melo, and his companion, Elder Rocha, at the bus station at 9:30 am.  We chatted for a bit until Elder Melo and my companion left for Caicó.  I will be spending the week with Elder Rocha, who is from Cape Verde, Africa.  We worked a lot today, made a bunch of contacts, and taught several lessons in-house.  It was really great to work again.

Wednesday 12/4 –

Today, we worked hard again, but caught a bunch of rain. I'm really enjoying working with him, he knows the doctrine really well and the bible really really well.  He has only been a member for about 3 years and will go home in October.  He said he didn't read the bible or anything before the mish, I'm really impressed at his knowledge, study skills, and work discipline.

Thursday 13/4 -

Nothing much happened today.  I started the Old Testament this week and am now in Leviticus which is really, really boring. So far I've read some pretty strange things that have happened.  At night, we went to a less active member's house, Duiji, who served in Colorado and speaks English, he also cooks.  He made us Asian chicken stir fry which was delicious. 

Friday 14/4 -

Today, while eating breakfast, I cut my thumb pretty bad cutting a mango.  I probably need stitches but a band aid will do.  The mango was good.  A member brought over a pizza for lunch that they sell.  We didn't work that much today because it is Good Friday.  I read a bunch of Liahonas [local church magazine] and read an article about institute that mentions Brent L. Top, and an article about opening a mission in Sweden, I think, where President Russell M. Nelson and President Monson worked with Elder Hans Ringger to open the mission there.  Proud to have Ringger in my blood, and my personality.  We managed to teach a lady, and argue with her very Catholic friend when she showed up half way through.  My companion said that not one person in the Bible was baptized on the head or as a baby.  She said that our bible was wrong.  He said that it was wrong because the Catholics changed it.  At least that’s what I took from the situation.  It was very entertaining.  Then we got milkshakes with the sisters, then saw some members (who are apparently rich, the husband owns a bank) and they bought us (good) pizza. 

Domingo 15/4 -

Today we had an investigator show up and a member brought his friend.  After church, we went to the sisters house (outside) and ate cinnamon rolls that the American sister made.  Then we went to Duiji's house again to eat orange cake, tapioca crepes, and avocado smoothies (with milk and sugar) which was all very good. 

This week was really good and we were able to make 72 contacts, teach 25 lessons (in-house, not in the street) and do much more.  Elder Rocha taught me better working habits like working in the morning and leaving the house earlier, and all in all I had a great time with him.  Today I am in Caicó to eat churrasco with the zone, and tomorrow is zone conference in Mossoró.  A few days with Elder Cassiano, and then transfer day.  I'm feeling pretty good and hoping for a baptism next Sunday, but we'll see. 

P.S. My thumb healed fine...and no pics :( 

And if you want to know how to do a Law of Moses animal sacrifice properly, shoot me an email.