Saturday, February 4, 2017

Week 7

Monday 23/1 -

Today we went to the mission office so I could get my passport to authenticate some documents to receive my refund for the baggage fees I had to pay.  Well the place I went to authenticate them didn´t accept my passport as identification.  They need a document from the Federal Police that says I am registered that I am still waiting for.  We went to McDonald’s for lunch and went home. 

Wednesday 25/1 -

Today we had a transmission from SLC with Elder Oaks, Elder Anderson, and other authorities from the missionary department.  In the conference, they revealed the new worldwide missionary schedule, and they got rid of all the key indicators except for Investigators Baptized and Confirmed, Investigators with a Baptismal Date, Investigators Attending Church, and New Investigators.  After the conference, we had the other District Leader in our zone interview Luiz for his baptism this Saturday.  Then we taught Rafael the Law of Chastity and told him his options concerning marriage and baptism. 

Friday 27/1 -

Today we started teaching a 17-year-old boy named João Vito who is really interested in our message.  He watched The Other Side of Heaven and wants to serve a mission.  We received news today that our baptism with Luiz got postponed for next week because he is dealing with some problems with the police.  He was going to run away with these two girls but he decided not to go at the last minute.  One of the girls went to Fortaleza and the other went to João Pessoa.  The parents of the girls went to Luiz´s house to find out what happened and they called to police to get them involved. So, we are just waiting for this to blow over. 

Saturday 28/1 -

Today we had João Vito, his friend, and two girls under 11 with their two brothers around their same age come to church.  The mom of the kids would have come but she was sick.  Yesterday I decided to fast for investigators to come to church and I can see the blessings from the Lord. 

Again, no pictures.  We should have a couple baptisms this weekend if everything works out.  And its transfer week this week so I may get a new companion but we will see.  

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