Saturday, February 11, 2017

Week 1 Transfer 2: BATISMO

Tuesday 31/1 -

Today, we got the news that Elder Nhantole was to be transferred to Parnamirim and become zone leader.  I loved being his companion, and he taught me a lot of things that aren´t in the manuals.  We spent the rest of the day getting ready for the transfer and then had açaí with the zone. 

Wednesday 1/2 -

Today we took a taxi to this big bus/taxi station where all the missionaries meet up.  we got there early but I had to wait until 1 p.m. for my new companion because he was coming from Mossoró which is about 7 hours inland.  My new companion is Elder Prado, who is from south of Brasil, near Curitiba.  He is 22 yrs old and likes anime, Japanese stuff, and has 2 pet fish that he brought with him.  Interesting guy.  He also likes analyzing peoples handwriting and asks every person we meet to write their name so he can analyze them.  I took him back to the apartment and he got settled in.  I showed him around the area and we taught the commandments to João Victor, who we are preparing for baptism next Sunday.  Then we got açaí with some other elders.

Friday 3/2 -

Today, we taught a boy named Alan and his two friends the Restoration. João Victor wasn´t there, but I hope he will be there tomorrow so we can interview him.  We had dinner at the Costa´s and I brought my guitar to play for them at their request.  We had a good time.

Saturday 4/2 -

Today we found João at his house at 10:30 and he had his completed baptism form completed and signed to my delight.  We scheduled a time later that day to hold his interview.  The interview went well and he is excited to be baptized. 

Sunday 5/2 -

We went to pick up investigators including João Victor, but he wasn´t home.  His family said he already left for church and I hoped they were right.  We arrived at church and I was glad to see him in Elders quorum.  After church, we held the baptism service and I had the opportunity to baptize my first investigator.  One thing I forgot to mention, he was a bit taller than me.  I ended up having to baptize him 3 times because some part of his body was out.  I felt kind of bad because he looked nervous.  But everything went well and he was really excited. 

In our second lesson with João, he mentioned that he saw the movie "Other Side of Heaven" and he wanted to serve a mission.  He turns 18 in August and I am eager to see if he will.  

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