Sunday, July 16, 2017

Week 5, Transfer 5 -- Bautismo! Milagres! Casementoooo!

NOTE: This is from the week ending July 2nd.

Nothing much happened earlier this week except I got stung by a wasp which felt like a blow torch on my hand, and it’s been raining for two weeks straight.  

Friday, we went to another ward party for São João where you basically eat a bunch of corn. I had popcorn, a kind of corn pudding called canjica, corn on the cob, and cake.  

Saturday, we had the baptism of the investigator we have been working with named Nedson, who is 21.  The service went well in the end, but I freaked out on the inside when after we went in the water he asked if he could use the bathroom beforehand, we went and I thought he wanted to back out at the last second, but everything went well.  

I got a phone call from the elders in Nova Repúplica asking if I would be going to the wedding of one of the families that I taught, whose son I baptized.  Then they asked if I could baptize him after the wedding which really came as a surprise and I said of course.  I can't really explain just how happy I felt that I would have the opportunity to baptize the father of the family I helped bring into the gospel and who I taught about eternal marriage and families which I know affected them.  

We got picked up at 5 to go eat dinner at the Costa's house before the wedding.  We had chicken, sausage, beef stroganoff and chicken stroganoff (different kind of stroganoff), and lasagna.  It was all really good.  The wedding went really well and the baptism even better.  I'll never forget that day.  

Sunday, we finally saw the sun so that’s cool I guess.  There is a lady in the ward here who is going to Utah next weekend which is weird to think that she will be there and I will be here.  

I learned an interesting fact the other day -   There is a slang word we use here in the north-east of brasil: Oxente "oshench".  Apparently, because of the US naval base here in Natal, people started saying "oh shi*" because of the Americans, but after time it turned to oxente, which sounds the same. You say it in the same context. Just your little history lesson today. 

 Até mais!

- Élder Holdaway

P.S. OXENTE! i have 8 months already!!!

First baptism of the day -- Nedson

The food -- oh, the glorious food!

The Costas, the best family here. Bro. Costa was in the Brasilian Special Forces

The baptism of Tiago, I baptized his son in my 2nd transfer. My clothes are still wet from the baptism earlier.

​Next step, temple marriage!​